About David Wiener

David is an internationally recognized designer, marketing and branding expert. In his youth, as one of the youngest professional photographers in America, he was shooting the exciting worlds of Formula One, Indy, the Americas Cup and the US Open at 16. He developed his sense of art and design at an early age, leading him to create custom Porsches and BMWs, along with a wide variety of iconic products, vehicles, logos and brands for such global names as FERRARI, the U.S. Ski Team, Columbia, Ben & Jerry’s, Ganassi Racing, and many others. David has been the subject of countless media stories, as well as a PBS documentary about his work in engineering and high-speed vehicles. As a result of all these experiences, David is working on a book and a TED Talk on the realities of entrepreneurship sharing lessons from a 20/20-hindsight perspective.

David Wiener - Artist

David’s passion for photography emerged back in the 70’s when at 16 he was one of the youngest professional photographers in America, shooting the exciting worlds of Formula One, Indy, The Americas Cup, and the US Open. Creating art in various mediums, his highly acclaimed work has been featured in Time-Life Books, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Newsweek, Yachting, Motor Trend, Robb Report, Maxim and many more international journals. Combining his love of photography with his passion for high-tech design, David has launched a series of limited edition prints he describes as Photographic Constructs exposing the viewer to new ways of seeing technology, architecture, nature and many other subjects through a unique and creative lens.

David Wiener’s creations are in the private collections of Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen, Sanjay Dutt, Alan Parsons, Pat Metheny, Ferrari SpA, the Mandarin Oriental, Starbucks, the Gap, Old Navy, Disney, Underwriters Laboratories, Avasis Technologyand and many others.

David works from studios in Park City, Utah and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. When not working, he is active in all things that inspire his work: skiing, saltwater fly fishing, playing guitar, bird hunting, racing cars, and mountain biking. Some of his best ideas are inspired by time spent laughing and cooking meals with clients, family, and friends.

Artist Statement

I’ve spent most of my life observing the aesthetic – people, nature, products, fashion, architecture…everything. It is the critical function of a designer and artist. Both a subconscious and conscious research tool, as well as a critical method of “measurement” – for style, performance, quality and desire. It’s this life-long demand for the elegant aesthetic that has trained me to look – and to see – detail and pattern in objects that might otherwise go unnoticed or hidden by the combination (or concert) of their surroundings.

Exhibit in New York City, June 2016

About The Artwork, Finishing and Framing

David Wiener fine art prints are 36x18 inches, custom printed, signed, and numbered, using only the finest archival inks and museum papers available. Each image is limited to 7 prints, which are shipped mounted, ready for framing. David Wiener fine art prints are also available framed using elegant 2” thick black satin hardwood frames that feature a fine line of silver metal on the edges. The frames are glazed using the finest museum quality acrylic.

We also offer a unique all-acrylic laminated option using Fujifilm prints laminated behind 1/4” thick clear acrylic and backed with 1/8” black acrylic. These pieces have mounting slots for easy installation and provide a clean, modern and cost saving option, where desired.

Finally, David Wiener fine art pieces are also available in larger sizes using a combination of Fujicolor Crystal Archive prints mounted to Aluminum panel for an archival, yet modern “frameless” look. These pieces are available up to 46 x 92 and can be easily hung or be mounted to walls.


David Wiener creates specific pieces for both corporate clients and private collectors. Commissioned artwork varies in subject matter and size, based on the desires of each patron. Recent commissions have ranged from a single piece to a series of 15 large panels for a technology company’s corporate headquarters and sales offices. Please contact us to discuss your art desires and subject matter you are interested in.

Commission artwork can be delivered as unframed prints, framed pieces and printed aluminum panels. Each depends solely on the desires of the patron and the specific installation.


"Music Never Stopped" Art Install at Underwriters Labs

Almost every kid dreams of being a rock star and I’m no exception. By the time I was 12 years old, I was playing in a band and envisioning myself on-stage with Clapton. More than 40 years later, while I didn’t achieve a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame moment, I did start a foundation, “Respect the Music,” to ensure kids and adults alike have the opportunity to experience the impact and benefits of music in a deeper and more powerful way. Respect The Music promotes music education, instrument access, as well as “better listening” and advancing the dialog of the musical experience through exposure to musicians, recording engineers, scientists, artists and journalists.

This piece of art, “The Music Never Stopped,” embodies elements found in the music world. I call my style Photographic Constructs, as I shoot hundreds of photos and then select images that are placed in a unique symmetry allowing the viewers to see the elegance and excitement of details that are all too often overlooked in the rush of daily life.

David Wiener - June 2016


AVASIS Technology Installs Major Art Commission By David Wiener For Corporate Headquarters

Avasis, the construction software innovator, commissioned David Wiener to create a series of large-scale artwork for its corporate headquarters. The 11 pieces of art are 92” X 46” and depict images unique to the business and events associated with Avasis.

“We have had the pleasure of working with David on several projects and recognized his artistic talent. When we saw his fine art, we knew he would be able to create pieces that embody themes important to Avasis. As a dynamic company, we wanted truly unique art – something not found in conventional photography – and David delivered. The art completely changes the tone of this space,” said Steve Urry, CEO of Avasis.

Using the trademark style of his work that David calls, Photographic Constructs, distinct and unique “assemblies” of images are created that expose the viewer to new ways of seeing building construction, architecture, nature, and other subjects through his unique and creative lens.



Photographic Constructs Fine Art – Solo Exhibition By David Wiener

Artifact Gallery – New York City June 29 – July 10

New York City—June 13, 2016 - Photographic Constructs, an exhibition featuring the recent fine art works by David Wiener, an internationally recognized photographer, designer, and entrepreneur will be on display at Artifact Gallery 10 Orchard Street, New York City from June 29th – July 10th. David’s love for photography emerged back in the 70’s when, at 16, he was one of the youngest professional photographers in America, shooting the exciting worlds of Formula One Grand Prix racing, the Indianapolis 500, the Americas Cup, and the US Open.

Each piece in this series is custom printed, signed, and numbered, using the finest archival inks and museum paper available. Each series is limited to 7 prints and are presented in elegant, modern frames with the finest museum acrylic glazing.

“Creating Photographic Constructs has allowed me to capture elements within various settings and use my vision to express a novel perspective to the viewer, challenging them to realize how beautiful detail taken out of context can be.”



David Wiener’s Art Featured In Paddock Magazine at Monaco Grand Prix

Paddock Magazine, one of the premier journals for Formula One Grand Prix racing and business, launched its Monaco Grand Prix issue with a feature on David Wiener’s fine art.

David, no stranger to Formula One and motorsports in general, has been featured in Paddock in prior years for his stunning design work with Ferrari. Now, Paddock is excited to share David’s newest work - fine art prints themed around Formula One, Ferrari and Porsche, through his elegant asemblages of images reveling the fine details of these high-speed, technological marvels.



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