Photographic Constructs • Selected Works • Volume 1

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“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of” – Leonardo Da Vinci 

Take a close look. Chances are you may not be seeing what lies within these images. Your eyes are registering elegant patterns however, the real beauty of this work is in the details that are often missed. The elements within nature, architecture, technology, and life – so many things hidden in plain sight – can be instantly intriguing, if we would only paused long enough to take them in.

Challenge yourself. Look at these images and try to discover the source image upon which they are built. For example, if you look closely at Hermes II, you’ll notice the image is built upon a photo of mannequins displaying elements of French couture. I captured this image while working in Manhattan to create the commissioned artwork for 2 Wall Street. The Candy Man is another piece for this commission – it needs no explanation, just closer observation.

The purpose of my art is to cause the viewer to pause, to imagine, and to delight with an element of surprise. Enjoy…and if you want to peek at my source images, you’ll find them under the Source Images tab.

My art is printed using only the highest quality archival inks and papers to ensure their lasting beauty. All my pieces are small limited editions and are available in print form.

– David Wiener

In the 80 pages, you will see pieces that focus on nature, architecture, fashion, planes, cars and more.
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