“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Take a close look. Chances are you may not be seeing what lies within these images. Your eyes are registering elegant patterns however, the real beauty of this work is in the details that are often missed. The elements within nature, architecture, technology, and life – so many things hidden in plain sight – can be instantly intriguing, if we would only paused long enough to take them in.

Challenge yourself. Look at these images and try to discover the source image upon which they are built. For example, if you look closely at Hermes II, you’ll notice the image is built upon a photo of mannequins displaying elements of French couture. I captured this image while working in Manhattan to create the commissioned artwork for 2 Wall Street. The Candy Man is another piece for this commission – it needs no explanation, just closer observation.

The purpose of my art is to cause the viewer to pause, to imagine, and to delight with an element of surprise. Enjoy…and if you want to peek at my source images, you’ll find them under the Source Images tab.

My art is printed using only the highest quality archival inks and papers to ensure their lasting beauty. All my pieces are small limited editions and are available in print form.

– David Wiener

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80 pages of David Wiener artworks that focus on nature, architecture, fashion, planes, cars and more.
For more information,k, please contact: enquire@DavidWienerArt.com


2022 Porsche 3X3 Series - “Power Train” - Rothmans Porsche 956 Le Mans Engine (42 x 42”)
2022 Porsche 3X3 Series - “Leather & Steel” - Porsche Gmund 356 Racecar (42 x 42”)
2022 Ferrari 12X Series - “Raw 750” - Ferrari 750 Monza (12 X 12”)
2021 - Porsche SLC Series - "Art In A Martini"
40 x 40” - Limited Edition of 20 Pieces
Ferrari Classics Series 2020 – “Ferrari Mexico 375MM”
Ferrari Classics Series 2020. Signed Limited Edition – 10 Pieces

42 x 46.5” Fuji Film Archival Print under 1/4” thick clear acrylic. 1/8” thick black acrylic back with hanging hardware.
Ferrari F1 Series 2020 – Injector 1
Ferrari Formula One Series 2020.

12″ x 12″ Fuji Film Archival Prints. Under 1” thick clear acrylic. 1/8” thick black acrylic back with hanging hardware.
The Rawness (Ferrari 250)
Ferrari 250 LM Collection. Signed Limited Edition – 10 Pieces

Fuji Film Archival Print Laminated under 1/4” thick clear acrylic with 1/8” thick black acrylic back with hanging hardware.
Bridges to Somewhere
45" x 50" museum prints limited editions of 10 pieces for each size.

Prints are signed and numbered by David Wiener
Hanging out the sunroof of a moving sedan while traversing the RFK bridge in New York made it possible to capture a unique series of images that would normally be impossible, given the traffic, speed, focus and police presence in constant force on this old but elegant piece of engineering. I was able to use the images and the cloud formations to create a piece of art that feels part outer-space and part Star Wars. I love the sensation of floating when performed by extremely heavy constructions. Iron, steel, rivets and welding seem to be lighter-than-air, or maybe breaking through a fog. it’s totally up to the viewer. Most important to me is highlighting the elegance and detail of big structures, like bridges, that so often go unnoticed as people speed by on their way to the next “thing.”
2021 - Maranello 20 Series – "F1 Elegance"
47" x 31" - Limited Edition of 10 Pieces
2021 - Porsche SLC Series - "Land Of The Brave"
40 x 40” - Limited Edition of 20 Pieces
2021 - Porsche SLC Series - "Carbon"
40 x 40” - Limited Edition of 20 Pieces
2021 - Porsche SLC Series - Solar Flare"
40 x 40” - Limited Edition of 20 Pieces
2021 - Porsche SLC Series - "Fuel Speed"
40 x 40” - Limited Edition of 20 Pieces
Benetton F1 Berger 1
Benetton Formula One Series 2019.

16″ x 16″ Fuji Film Archival Prints. Under 1” thick clear acrylic. 1/8” thick black acrylic back with hanging hardware.
Ferrari F1 Series 2019 – Trumpets II
Ferrari Formula One Series 2019

12″ x 12″ Fuji Film Archival Prints. Under 1” thick clear acrylic. 1/8” thick black acrylic back with hanging hardware.
Tree Shadows
Pool Water
John’s Pool
Bar 1
Super Stairway
The details found in architecture should be of no surprise to anyone, but even enthusiastic observers of design and construction often miss the beauty, shape and color of pieces in any building or home, simply because there is so much to absorb at once, and the brain just isn’t wired to focus. This exceptional stairway of wood and metal, curved and sweeping, exhibits a new aspect of its inherent beauty when viewed away from the whole. Creating these repeating images gives viewers a sense of motion and movement that might otherwise have gone missing as one ascends the stairway.
The Wrestler
From my Mexico series, this piece does what I have set as a goal for my art: it takes an unusual item, puts it in a new view, and transforms both the visual and the mental perspective for the viewer. In this case, Mexican wrestling masks are transformed from creepy costumes into a sea of color and geometry.
Wood Meet Steel
Scenes from a construction site… The structural steel and wood framing of new residential building is transformed into a pattern of motion converting raw materials into something unexpected.
Italian Glass
I love the color and light that these windows from a Tuscan castle create. The castle had been turned into an amazing museum, but it was these windows that caught my eye and ended up as this piece of art.
911 Carrera Sky
I have had a long association with Porsche and the timeless 911. All the forms, shapes, curves and lines are beautiful enough, but when viewed with the Utah sky and clouds reflected in the car’s glossy paint, a whole new visual emerges. This piece of art, one of my earliest, takes the venerable 911 and transforms it into a geometric abstract, taking “automotive art” in a whole new direction.
The Magic of Fish
This image I shot of a snapper blue intrigued me for some reason and I wanted to see it repeated endlessly. I love fish and fishing and memorializing this little guy before he hit the frying pan. Made perfect sense to me.
Wild Ascents
Once again architectural elements combine in my work. An intricate staircase provided endless geometry for this piece.
Horizon Futures
I came upon a submerged oyster farm while fishing in Wellfleet bay. I shot images knowing that they would combine for some highly unusual pieces. If you ever have a chance to sample Wellfleet oysters, do it!
Ferrari Grille
I shot images of one of the earliest Ferrari GT cars at the opening of the Enzo Museum in Modena, Italy. There are more images on this piece of art than there were models of this car made.
72 Eyes
I discovered an old Impala in pristine condition while taking a walk up an unlikely road in Park City, Utah. The classic lines, the design of the tail lights, and the glossy colors were a magnet. This piece is created from multiple images.
Park City Skiing
Like many of my pieces, this was inspired by a sudden stop to investigate something unusual. This piece is created from images of an old mine structure on the slopes of the Park City Ski Resort during the winter season.
Thirty Third
It may seem hard to find beauty in the subway stations of New York City, but I’ve always been drawn to the tile work and graphics that have been there forever.
The Candy Man
Many iconic images of New York have been created, yet few offer an abstract view such as this tapestry-like piece. The Wall Street art commission wanted a non-traditional image that would capture scenes from New York. The Candy Man is comprised of one image – a street vendor selling his wares of candy from his cart. Using my photographic constructs technique, the source photo is replicated creating unique and beautiful patterns from a row of candy bars. Once the viewer enlarges the image, they are amazed by what they discover.
The luxury French fashion house of Hermes is a regular stop for me when I’m in New York City as my mother worked there for 20 years. There’s always someone to visit, and say, “Hello.” On one of my recent visits while shooting images for my Wall Street Commission Series, I noticed the mannequins with their unique shape and colors. I always enjoy discovering elements for my artwork in surprising places.
Take Me To The Plaza
The detailed elegance of the Plaza Hotel’s ceiling caught my eye and inspired this piece. One of New York City’s finest and most enduring hotels is transformed in this piece to a modern abstraction, which is the opposite of everything this hotel represents.
Shooting images around Manhattan for the Wall Street Commission, I was excited by the antique and classic shapes of the gates and walls of the Trinity Church.
To The Trains
Architectural details of the Milan train station

Repetition, pattern, engineering, structure. These are all elements of the aesthetic world, and are particularly important in my world. I am an observer by nature and by career. Train stations offer a wonderful mixture of engineering, perspective, culture and lifestyle, and all of this combines in my photography and artwork to pull out the beauty that is so often missed in the hustle and bustle of racing through train stations. Click this thumbnail to see the source image I used for the creation of this artwork:
Abalone Oysters & Diamonds
Details of a photographic reflector

It’s not often that the photographic equipment becomes the subject matter. But the silvered reflector umbrella’s fabric and mechanism instantly hit me as an intriguing and elegant engineered sculpture. My love of sailing and boat design also plays into my interest in flowing fabrics and the structures that make them possible.
10000 Feet
Reflections on an Airstream trailer in Aspen, Colorado

Airstreams are iconic all by themselves. For me, it goes a bit further, given my involvement with manufacturing and racecar fabrication. The shiny aluminum. The rivets. The compound curves. And all of it one giant mirror, reflecting its environment at all times. Coming upon this trailer while walking the Aspen farmers’ market on summer, I jumped at the chance to start shooting photographs. No doubt the owners and the tourists wondered why I was so focused on this metal blob instead of concentrating on the pottery that the owners were displaying inside. I also like the connection of aluminum airframe assemblies (early aircraft) with the sky and clouds that support aircraft around the globe.
918 Flow
Porsche 918 Supercar – Details of the engine cover and exhaust system

The exhaust system of the Porsche 918 has so many outrageous details, from the metal mesh to the large exhaust ports to the flowing bodywork that surrounds it all. There’s just no way the average “viewer” can absorb all this great work given the magnetic power of the overall car. It just grabs your attention and forbids you to register the details. That’s why I love the impact that this image provides; you get to see some beautiful design details out of context and that hopefully transports you as you realize these are parts of a 918! As I was shooting this car, looking at the many extraordinary details and materials, I was taken by the exhaust system and engine shroud. The reflections, the colors, the unique shapes all mixed in my mind, giving me a sense of where this photo series would lead.
The Weave
Ferrari F430 – Reflections of clouds in the rear fender and tail light.

One of my early pieces and one that reinforced to me the potential of just how powerful the creation of patterns could be. This weave of shapes fairly defies connection to cars or Ferraris yet the elegant shapes work well together. I love the F430 and its raw style and performance. Turning this powerful machine into a work of art has inspired other pieces that I plan to show later this year.
Waterwings is a study in the elegance and flow of natural design. The fin of a False Albacore, related to the tuna, is as much a painting as a bird’s wing, yet it lives under the sea, where most people never get to see the beauty and engineering of one of the most powerful and impressive of the fish world. Caught off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts, along Monomoy island, on a fly imitating a little squid, this “Albie” shared its awesome power and speed and provided the beautiful details I find amazing beyond description. This is one in a series of sports fish and saltwater flyfishing pieces.
Ferrari LA F
Multiple images of a Ferrari Supercar

This piece marks an intriguing new direction for me as I explore subtle variations in angles, views and light, and how it all interacts to create a sense of motion or action. Something about this piece makes me feel like it’s moving and changing, almost like a sailboat on the wind. My love of automotive design and my career in transforming exotic cars, long before the word, tuner became a popular term promoted by reality television shows, has given me an undying respect for the curves and fabrication required to make them. The look, the feel, the reflectivity all combine to make me want to start sculpting in aerodynamic ways.
23 Le Mans
From the Ferrari Le Mans Series

I grew up reading and dreaming of Le Mans and the massive endurance racers that were as much space ships as cars to my young mind. Porsches, Matras, Ferraris and others hooked me hard and I still get a tingle when in the presence of these rolling artworks. My career has been all about performance and style and that sums up the Ferrari 512 endurance racer that dominated so many global contests. I shot this car at Ferrari early in 2017. Most of the 512s were red – obviously – but the yellow stood out. Most people don’t realize yellow was actually the original color of Ferraris.
F1 Trumpet
From the Ferrari Formula One Series

For anyone who loves cars and racing, perhaps the coolest element of a race engine is the intake trumpet sitting boldly on top of the power-plant. I shot this F1 engine at Ferrari early in 2017. I like taking technical hardware and assemblies and creating abstractions that can be viewed beyond their car connection.
The Music Never Stopped
Underwriters Labs Commission

Underwriters Laboratories is a global testing lab that certifies the performance of all manner of products. In 2016, they launched an audio sound-quality testing program to ensure that manufacturer claims about their products matched some reality. To add some excitement and style to their new program, they commissioned a large piece of art. My love of music, guitars and involvement in creating many audio products made this an easy and particularly fun project. Guitars, drums, cymbals, horns and recording gear combine to tell a story of creation, sound, technology, color and the mix all these things. As I love to say: Respect the Music!
Crossing The Canyon
From the Avasis Commission Series

Another celebration of Park City’s culture of skiing, and the outdoors, is this piece in the Avasis series linking so many chairlifts floating off into space amid cables and towers of steel. The combination of man-made “machinery” in such a wild outdoor space creates a Christmas-ornament and candy string feeling that just feels good to me. The pleasure of corporate art commissions is in mixing the interests of the patron with the freedom of my own expression, working to come up with abstract art that touches a nerve for the many who will see it.
Rolling Home
From the Avasis Commission Series

Another focus of interest at Avasis are airplanes and Airstreams. This piece looks at the construction and materials in producing the windows of the aerodynamically unique Airstream trailer. Aluminum and polycarbonate, with rivets and adhesives make the windows more interesting than might be readily apparent. Upon closer examination though, these shapes and finishes have allowed me to form a new view and a butterfly-like elegance I hadn’t previously considered.
Our Ski Bridge
From the Avasis Commission Series

This piece in the Avasis Commission Series finds a jewel-like elegance in the structure and lighting of Park City ski resort’s ski bridge that carries skiers off the mountain and into town, allowing them to take advantage of Park City’s mix of western and chic restaurants, bars and shops. Avasis was founded by a Park City resident and skilled builder of commercial and residential structures. Celebrating the fun and construction of Park City and its main attraction – skiing – was part of my tribute to the town, the company and it’s leader.