Elegant Speed and Timeless Style – A Gala Event Hosted by Porsche Featuring the Fine Art of David Wiener

Elegant Speed and Timeless Style – A Gala Event Hosted by Porsche Featuring the Fine Art of David Wiener
May 11, 2017 David Wiener

Salt Lake City – May 11, 2017. Elegant Speed and Timeless Style, a gala event hosted by Porsche in Salt Lake City, will feature fine art by David Wiener, an internationally recognized artist and designer, to celebrate community, customers, and the launch of the new Porsche Panamera. As a creator of custom 911s, Porsche motorsports team liveries and assorted art commissions, David Wiener’s work with Porsche is known worldwide. The gala is an invitation only event with attendees enjoying fine dining and music, along with the exhibit of David Wiener’s artwork.

David’s career began, when at age 16, he was one of America’s youngest professional photographers, shooting Formula One, Indianapolis 500 and other motorsports, as well as Americas Cup yacht racing, US Open tennis, World Cup skiing and other exciting events. Over the following 40 years, he has created art in various mediums, sharpening his keen sense of style, elegance, and timelessness. His designs can be seen across a broad spectrum of industries and products for Ferrari, Nike, Columbia, the U.S. Ski Team, and many other high profile clients.

David’s artwork can be seen in international galleries and Porsche facilities. Much of David’s work focuses on private and corporate commissions that tie the interests of patrons to the subject matter of the art. From cars and racing, to architecture, technology, nature, sports and other themes, his work offers a unique vision for art lovers, capturing the beauty within elements of an object that the human eye often overlooks. Modern, abstract and masterfully executed, each piece of art brings detail to life in a way that inspires viewers to really focus on the elegance and effort of these unique details.

“This work has allowed me to take my passion for photography and launch a new art form. I am able to capture elements within architecture, nature, and technology, using my vision to express a novel perspective to the viewer, challenging them to realize how beautiful detail taken out of context can be,” said Wiener.

“David’s art embodies the spirit of Porsche’s new Panamera – a spectacular piece of engineering and style. David consistently dares to do something innovative or go somewhere different with his art and his work invites the viewer to do the same. We often overlook the details, the exquisiteness that goes into producing art – whether a Porsche or a beautiful image,” said Mike Baich, Manager of Porsche Salt Lake City.

David’s work is offered in a variety of mediums including limited edition museum quality framed prints as well as archival prints on aluminum.

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