Testimonials Grid

Testimonials Grid
February 25, 2016 David Wiener
  • “I’ve been looking at a lot of different software packages over the last year. I am very impressed by what I see with the AVASIS software. It is much easier to use, learn and navigate. It gives me the ability to quickly see all aspects of the project and quickly communicate with everyone on the project. The best feature for us is having everything in one place without having to go to multiple applications to accomplish one task. In addition, our company recently experienced an issue of “he said, she said” involving one of our projects. With AVASIS, we could provide proof of the communication as well as who was ultimately responsible, saving ourselves expensive litigation, additional expenses and settlement fees. The software does exactly what it says by uniting the build. This software has saved our company thousands of dollars. I highly recommend this product.”

    Roger Knight – Owner & CEOROGER KNIGHT CONSTRUCTION - www.rogerknightconstruction.com
  • “As a GC with multiple concurrent projects, I need the ability to see project status in real time. With AVASIS, the project overview page gives me exactly that. Using the drop-down menu, I can easily get from one project to another and see what’s happening in real time at each job site. This has saved me a lot of time and helped me save a lot of phone calls and emails. I also use AVASIS to coordinate with my office admin and Superintendent in our weekly meetings. We can easily discuss the schedules and financials at a glance, allowing us to be on the same page. We can update everything in our meeting making sure everyone knows their assignments over the next week or weeks. I love having the schedule, financials, bids and all communication in one place. The AVASIS team has been very helpful in getting my team trained and assisting with project onboarding, so I could stay focused on my business. “

    Mitchell SpenceLIVING ZENITH - www.livingzenith.com
  • “A large chunk of my responsibility as a superintendent is tracking down the status of various items that need to be completed on a given day. Previously, I managed these responsibilities via email and text. However, with AVASIS, the system organizes and prioritizes all my responsibilities, along with the team I am managing. Using the flag alerts on the Project overview page, I can quickly get up to speed on everything that needs to be completed to keep my projects on schedule. The system-generated flag alerts have allowed me to get more organized, making it so I spend less time putting out fires, and more time on-site doing what I love. I feel I am much more productive using AVASIS to keep our projects on schedule and on budget.”

    Paul Anderson – Superintendent/Project ManagerSYNERGY CONSTRUCTION - www.constructsynergy.com