918 FLOW

918 FLOW

918 FLOW


Porsche 918 Supercar – Details of the engine cover and exhaust system

Museum prints are limited to editions of 10 pieces for each size. Prints are signed and numbered by David Wiener


The exhaust system of the Porsche 918 has so many outrageous details, from the metal mesh to the large exhaust ports to the flowing bodywork that surrounds it all. There’s just no way the average “viewer” can absorb all this great work given the magnetic power of the overall car. It just grabs your attention and forbids you to register the details. That’s why I love the impact that this image provides; you get to see some beautiful design details out of context and that hopefully transports you as you realize these are parts of a 918! As I was shooting this car, looking at the many extraordinary details and materials, I was taken by the exhaust system and engine shroud. The reflections, the colors, the unique shapes all mixed in my mind, giving me a sense of where this photo series would lead.


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