Bridges to Somewhere

Bridges to Somewhere

Bridges to Somewhere


Museum prints are limited to editions of 10 pieces for each size. Prints are signed and numbered by David Wiener


Hanging out the sunroof of a moving sedan while traversing the RFK bridge in New York made it possible to capture a unique series of images that would normally be impossible, given the traffic, speed, focus and police presence in constant force on this old but elegant piece of engineering. I was able to use the images and the cloud formations to create a piece of art that feels part outer-space and part Star Wars. I love the sensation of floating when performed by extremely heavy constructions. Iron, steel, rivets and welding seem to be lighter-than-air, or maybe breaking through a fog. it’s totally up to the viewer. Most important to me is highlighting the elegance and detail of big structures, like bridges, that so often go unnoticed as people speed by on their way to the next “thing.”


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