So Grand Central

So Grand Central

So Grand Central


Museum prints are limited to editions of 10 pieces for each size. Prints are signed and numbered by David Wiener


I’ve traveled through the great halls and spaces of Grand Central Station in New York City more times than I can count. Growing up in Connecticut and traveling into Manhattan for concerts, art exhibits, dinners, classes, and so many other events, I have been exposed to the building, the seasonal changes, the gentrified food and shopping offerings, and the ever-evolving crowds, smells and other stimuli. What is so interesting to me is how my new artwork is forcing even me to be more aware of my surroundings and the incredible details that every building, product, person and vehicle brings into view. Grand Central brings such a wealth of visual, audible and other sensory treats that can’t be found except in that grand palace of the locomotive age. It is an honor to create artwork that celebrates the details and engineering of one of the most famous train stations on the planet. And I can’t wait for my next visit when I will surely discover yet more new and inspiring bits to photograph and turn into art.


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